Jul 17, 2023

Do Bathroom and Kitchen water taste different?

Do you notice a difference between the water that comes out of the bathroom faucet compared to the kitchen faucet?

The saying goes, "Kids say the darnedest things" right? Or something like that....LOL! If you have kids you know they do say and ask some of the craziest questions. The level of "crazy" will depend on how old the child is but in my case, my son Jackson is 12 years old and over the weekend he said something to me that had me scratching my head and asking myself WHO am I raising...LOL!

Back on Sunday, as we were getting ready for his soccer game and rushing to get out the door on time I told him to make sure he brushed his teeth. He said he couldn't because his sister was in the bathroom and he had nowhere to brush. Yes, I currently live in a place that only has one bathroom, so I told him to ask his sister to hand him his toothbrush and toothpaste and he could brush his teeth in the kitchen.

The look he gave me, you would have thought I asked him to give himself a haircut...LOL! He said, "I can't brush them in the kitchen because the water taste's different and I hate it!" Wait...WHAT? Water in the kitchen taste different than it does in the bathroom? No, it doesn't now go and brush. He listened, but the entire way to soccer he complained that the water from the kitchen faucet tastes different than in the bathroom. I couldn't disagree more, so I told him we would do a taste test when we got back home.

As soon as we walked back I had him go into his room to wait while I grabbed two glasses and I collected water samples from both the kitchen and the bathroom. I put both glasses on the kitchen table and called him in. Only I knew which one was which so I had him sip from each one and tell me which faucet it came from and wouldn't you know it he got it right!! I did it three times and every time he got it right!! Damn, kids...LOL!

I also took numerous sips from each glass and couldn't tell the difference between the two!! So what better way to settle this than to ask "Does bathroom and kitchen water taste different?" Call or text us your thoughts through the Wolf Country app.