Mar 18, 2023

I’m a DIY mum and people are only just realising clever kitchen hack

A DIY mum revealed a clever kitchen hack that many people did not know - it's so simple and avoids clutter.

The mother, who can be found online at @homediydiary, posts DIY content for the house.

Captioning her video, she said: "One less thing cluttering the countertop!

"Don't keep this secret to yourself, share with a friend!"

She started the video by saying: "Apparently, a lot of you did not know about this sink hack.

"I'm replacing my dish soap dispenser, it's three years old so it's pretty battered and leaking.

"While I was doing this, I learned that a lot of you did not realise that if you have this cap on your sink."

She showed a picture of the stainless steel sink with the cap on the bottom of the sink, between the drying surface and the sink can be removed and replaced with a soap dispenser.

She mentioned that you can easily get one on Amazon by searching sink dispensers and that they can be great value.

She continued: "Just pop off the cap on your sink and then it's really easy to install and I think it's quite affordable."

She added that her sink dispenser lasted her three years and survived two big moves before it started leaking again and she had to replace it.

She finished by saying: "It's so handy."

Many people rushed to the comments about the DIY hack for the sink.

One person commented: "Love it! I use an old hand soap pump dispenser and put it about where yours goes, not as neat but totally free!."

Another person said: "Bought one on your advice last year, I wouldn't go back. No looking for the washing liquid or hiding it. So easy too!"

The third person added: "Not sure how others work but when I refill mine, I lift off the pump and refill from the top.

"Super easy and mess free!"

Meanwhile, a savvy woman made a DIY coffee table using €17 bargain buy from Ikea - she thinks it looks great but not everyone agrees.

Any homeowner will know that replacing old furniture can work out pretty pricey.

But one savvy woman named Chris-Ann has set out to prove that you haven't got to spend a small she made a DIY coffee table for her home using a bargain buy from Ikea.

The clever hack involves the bamboo 'blanda matt' serving bowl which retails at €17 from the Swedish homeware store.

In the clip shared to TikTok (@cahjahoriedeco), Chris-Ann begins by applying some strong Gorilla glue around the rim of the bargain buy, before adding a second bowl on top.

She says: "Apply pressure to bond glue…dries in 24 hours."

Chris-Ann continues: "Optional wood filler to joining for seamless look."

Next, she sands the edges to create a smooth finish and then applies a dark walnut gel stain.