Apr 19, 2023

Kmart kitchen must

Shoppers are losing their minds over a kitchen must-have from Kmart.

The Instant Hot Water Dispenser, which retails for $75, was shared on Facebook by an Aussie mum, leading to a chorus of parents singing its praises.

"Thanks everyone for the feedback. Bought my instant hot water dispenser today, so easy to use," the mum wrote.

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"Can't wait for my hot chocolate in the morning!"

It's claimed the dispenser can heat water "in 3-5 seconds" and has "variable temperature setting(s)" with, 25, 75, 85 and 98 degrees Celsius.

Hundreds rushed to the post to share their thoughts on the product, with many saying they "love it".

"This thing is the bomb!!! Bought mine a couple of years ago when I had surgery on my hands and couldn't lift a kettle. Still going strong," one person wrote.

Another mum replied: "That's why I got mine, as I was having both hands done at once and I live alone. Good luck"

"I’ve had one for two years now… best thing I have ever bought. Love it for instant hot water," a third said.

One mum even declared that it's the "Best thing I have ever bought from Kmart"

One person, however, asked "why ... What(‘s) wrong with the electric jug? Genuinely wanting to know"

Prompting a number of responses.

"You don't need to wait for it to boil. It's instantaneous hot water," one mum wrote.

Another parent suggested the product would be "great for the elderly or people with mobility issues". has not received any monetary benefit for this story.

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