May 17, 2023

Soaking Spaces

Wellness is top of mind for many homeowners, with interest in healthy, personal spaces continuing to rise. The bath has long been the ideal spot for a spa-like retreat in the home, but with the growing interest in self-care of mind and body, even more attention is being paid to what elements are incorporated into the design.

While the last decade saw tubs – especially jetted versions – being torn out in favor of oversized showers with all the bells and whistles, soaker tub models are experiencing a significant resurgence. Organic shapes, deep bathing wells and therapeutic amenities are in often key to today's bath designs.

Following are some of the trends being seen with regard to soaking tubs.

–Distinctive tub shapes and colors are making statements in the bath, with the soaker often acting as the focal point of the room.

–Solid surface materials continue to be a popular choice for soaking tubs, as they retain heat for longer periods of time and can be molded into a variety of shapes.

–Natural stone also retains heat for long periods of time, and meets the interest in incorporating natural elements into the room.

–Wellness amenities such as air jets, aromatherapy and chromatherapy are among the most popular add-ons being requested.

–Tubs with rims and extended ledges allow not only for faucet mounting but also provide space for candles, toiletries, book stands and wine glasses.

–Oversized tubs that accommodate two bathers are increasingly being requested.

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