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Introducing the First-to-Market RO System with Heating Function

As the first-to-market instant hot water dispenser system, Waterdrop K6, has the advantages of both the under sink RO water filter and a heating water dispenser.

QINGDAO, China, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In June 2022, Waterdrop announced the debut of the first-to-market reverse osmosis instant hot water dispenser—Waterdrop K6, leading the new era of integrating water heating and purification in one system.

People may wonder is drinking hot water really better than drinking cold water? The answer is yes.

Although the human body does not need water at any specific temperature to function, drinking hot water is believed to help the body in different ways, including better digestion, less congestion, and improved relaxation.

The temperature of internal organs rises when people drink hot water, thereby increasing the metabolism rate and fat breakdown. According to a 2013 study, people who switch from cold water to hot water are more likely to lose more weight. Researchers also discovered an improved metabolism rate (30% more) in people who drink 500 ml of water before meals[1].

Another reason to drink hot water is it may make the body more resistant to harmful elements. Hot water conditions the body to eliminate toxic substances in the form of heat. This helps with recovery for people suffering from fever or cold. Hot water also helps with improving your appetite and regulating your sense of taste[2].

H2: First-to-Market RO System with Heating Function

Waterdrop deservedly won the Red Dot Design Award for its successful launch of the first-ever tankless water filter—the G3, in the Amazon US market. This filtration system made record sales on the market. Waterdrop water filters guaranteed 100% safety from materials to filtration, which all secured certification from NSF 58 and NSF 372 standards.

The brand continued its mission to deliver safe and efficient water purification solutions to everyone by continuously investing in technological innovations and production capacity improvement. One of Waterdrop's latest breakthroughs is a filtration system that combines both water heating and purification capabilities in one.

Meet the Waterdrop K6, an instant hot water dispenser system that leads the new innovative series of RO water filters from the brand. Launched in 2022, the Waterdrop K6 is powered by a 5-in-1 composite reverse osmosis water filter with 0.0001 microns pore size on its RO membrane. This system effectively removes the most harmful impurities in water with a single filter cartridge.

The K6 is also more efficient, with an improved 2:1 wastewater ratio that helps save more water than conventional household water filter systems.

H2: Explore More Possibilities of Household Water

Access to purified hot water can change the game regarding how much you get from your domestic water. And that is precisely what the Waterdrop K6 is offering consumers.

The Waterdrop K6 RO instant hot water filter is the first-to-market RO system with a heating function. The system has a step-less temperature adjustment feature within a temperature range of 104℉ to 203℉. That means you get hot and pure water for cooking or making instant coffee, oatmeal, tea, and other quick household meals.

The faucet in the Waterdrop K6 is smart and user-friendly, with a highly-responsive touchscreen that allows users to monitor the water quality, temperature, and filter life in real time. There is also a child-lock feature for improved security and a water dispensing temperature indication that helps prevent scaling.

You also get an inbuilt flowmeter, NTC, and an overheating protection system that prevents the water in the system from dry-burning.

H2: Everyone Deserves Healthy Drinking Water

Waterdrop was founded in 2015 as a brand committed to serving the global population with high-quality products that purify their drinking water and improve their overall health.

In the last few years, Waterdrop has developed into one of the most popular brands in the industry, with tons of global design, R&D, manufacturing, and procurement resources to its name. The brand remains committed to providing comprehensive and intelligent water purification solutions for households and individuals. Millions of families worldwide trust Waterdrop, as evident in the chart-breaking sales it has recorded in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and other regions of the world.

The Waterdrop brand has successfully rolled out over 200 different water purification products, all conceptualized, researched, designed, and manufactured in-house. There are over 100 patents from various countries and international certifications from top certification outfits with authority in water filters, including NSF, CSA, and WQA. All of these point to the impeccable quality of these products.

Like always, Waterdrop will continue to ensure that families, businesses, and individuals across the globe can access excellent water purification solutions that provide clean drinking water and ensure a much-improved quality of life.

H2: Social Responsibility and Contributions

The increasing demand for safe, healthy drinking water is not unconnected to the rampant water safety problems across the world. This points to only one fact—access to safe drinking water is now a luxury.

The numbers from WHO and UNICEF suggest that one in three people globally cannot access clean drinking water. Water contamination and scarcity of healthy water come with problems and opportunities to develop the global water purification industry.

Waterdrop is taking center stage in the fight to end the global water crisis. The brand partners with non-profit organizations to design and execute beneficial water projects in sub-Saharan African communities facing the problem of poor sanitation and lack of clean water. Waterdrop launched the Water4Smile platform, a project designed to promote water stewardship and facilitate a broader industry action to improve the situation. The "Water for All" vision of the project will ensure everyone can access safe, healthy, and clean water, irrespective of location.

More than ever, the brand Waterdrop is actively involved in helping people from all parts of the world live and experience the reality of a beautiful life through a pure glass of water.

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