Jun 03, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom: How to turn on all four faucets in the Water Temple

The Temples in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are sometimes tricky to figure out. Link is tasked with figuring out an elaborate puzzle before facing a tough boss at each dungeon Temple. For the Water Temple in Tears of the Kingdom specifically, you need to figure out how to turn on all four water faucets. Once that's done, you can face the monster responsible for creating the Sludge. If you’re stuck trying to figure out this puzzle, we can help you out.

The basement faucet is easy to reach, just jump off the northwest side. But now you’re faced with a wall of fire. Luckily, you can use Sidon's water powers to encase yourself in a water bubble. Use that to get through the wall of fire and into the basement.

Then, hit the switch to turn the fire off by hitting it with your weapon, or placing one of the Hover Stones on it. That way, Sidon can join you inside. On the other side of the room, you’ll see a large drop with a gap full of spikes. Head down, and use Ultrahand to place the Hover Stones as a path towards the metallic ball on the other side.

Once you reach the ball, bring it back with you, and attach it to one of the Hover Stones. Then, make the stones levitate so you can reach them once you make your way back up. You can simply climb up the wall, then grab the Hover Stones with the ball. There's even a chest on a Hover Stone high up, which you can reach by making a path in the air with the other stones.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

But now you’ll want to place the ball in the hole on the wall, except it keeps falling down. Simply attach the ball to a Hover Stone, then make the platform levitate, pushing the ball in the hole to keep it in place. Finally, you can activate the accessible faucet by using Sidon's ability. Encase yourself in a shield of water, then swing with your weapon to shoot a wave towards the water wheel.

For this next faucet, you’ll need to clear the Sludge blocking the waterfall. Then, use the Zora Armor to swim up it, and reach the platform. Keep walking ahead, and you’ll need to use the floating water bubble to get to the faucet. Since one is being spat out from high up, once the bubble reaches you, use Recall to make it float back up. Ride along with it, and hop out once it's high enough.

In this area, you need to have the waterfall reach the large water wheel. Using the two stone slabs around you, connect both on each side of the water wheel. This will be enough to make it spin and generate electricity.

But there's still a gap that needs to be filled to continue the electric path. Use Ultrahand to place a floating bubble between the gap, and it will open the area to the faucet. Do the same thing with Sidon's power, and fix the second faucet.

Jump back down the platform you came from, and head to the eastern faucet. You’ll notice a fiery Like Like in your way. Getting rid of it will allow you to Ascend to the area above where it was. Watch out for the few Chuchus in your way, but luckily they’re pretty weak. You’ll find a few more Hover Stones in the area. Take them, and place them in a way so you can get closer to the fast-spinning structure.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’re close enough, jump in the air and pull out your bow. This will slow down time, and if you jump at the right time, you’ll notice something on the tower covered in Sludge. You can get rid of it by Fusing Splash Fruit with your arrow. Once you clear the Sludge, slow down time again, and you’ll be able to shoot at a glowing orange statue. This switch, when hit, will drain the body of water below. You can now access the third water wheel, and you know exactly what to do.

Leap across the rubble towards the southwest structure. If you head to the back right area, you should spot Sludge covering a bubble dispenser. Clear it with Splash Fruit, Sidon's ability, or a water weapon. Before you jump in one, look in the pool behind you and use Ultrahand to grab the ball. If you attach it to one of the bubbles, it will float up on its own. Take a bubble up yourself to the next platform.

You’ll then see that if you lift the large stone wall, it will drain the water. But this won't stay up on its own. Grab one of the Hover Stones around you, turn it on, and attach it to the top of the wall. Now, if you lift the wall, it will stay hovered with the platform. Finally, the water drains, and you can place the ball into the slot. The last water wheel is open to you, and you can now activate the last faucet.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.