Aug 28, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Workstation Sink In Your Kitchen?

A workstation sink makes it super easy to wash food, dry dishes, and handle clean up all at once and is an excellent investment in the modern kitchen. Though a range of material options exist and some pre-planning work may be necessary, the cost of a workstation sink installation ranges from $700 to $4,650 or more. You'll find that the most basic model is a bit more expensive than your average stainless steel drop-in sink, but with so much versatility and a sleek look, it may still be worth your investment.

These sinks offer many benefits, including a space-saving design that frees up more of your kitchen counter for other tasks. With the use of drying racks, cutting stations, and other mountable systems, like bowl holders, these are multi-faceted sinks for the at-home chef. They do a great job of giving you a big space to work with, allowing proper sanitation by reducing cross-contamination risk and making cleaning up faster. What can you expect by installing a workstation sink in your kitchen? There's more to this kitchen trend than you may think.

Buying the sink is the first part of investing in a workstation setup. That's going to be a hard decision for some since numerous styles, brands, and sizes are available. The sinks range in price from $190 to $600 or higher. Some brands are more than twice that. Start by knowing what size space you plan to dedicate to the sink itself — typical options range from 28 inches up to 33 inches, with others being much larger. Expect to pay more for larger, multi-compartment workstation sinks than a single undermount model.

Another factor in cost is the material itself, such as 16-gauge stainless steel or 18-gauge stainless steel models. While preference is important here, a higher-quality sink may be more durable, handling more of the dropped pans and bumps along the way. You may also want to consider other materials, including fireclay and concrete.

Also, consider the style you want. A drop-in model is common, though undermount workstation sinks are also available. A more complex option is the farmhouse apron, which extends beyond the front of the cabinetry and typically requires a specially designed cabinet to sit on. If you're investing in new kitchen cabinets, a bottom sink cabinet can range in price from $400 up to $4,900.

After you buy your workstation sink, it will need to be installed. The installation cost will depend on what needs to be done. If you have an existing cabinet that will accommodate the workstation sink, you will likely need to pay labor costs. These range from $370 to $450. That's typically going to help with the leveling of the new sink, positioning it, sealing it, and connecting all the pipes.

Though some workstation sinks come with a faucet as a component of the sink, others do not, so you'll need to purchase the kitchen faucet separately. Costs range widely by style and overall function, ranging from as little as $25 up to $1,000 or more.

You'll also want to consider any additional accessories you need to turn your workstation sink into an actual functional setup. For example, the addition of a bamboo cutting board may range in price from $55 up to $75 or more. Other materials, like traditional plastic cutting boards, may change that pricing. Those setups that feature drop-in bowl holders may range from $125 up to $145 or more. Roll mats, utensil cup holders, and colanders are also additions to consider, each ranging from $55 up to $105 or more.