Nov 17, 2023

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Having a water dispenser can be really handy, especially when it comes to meeting our hydration needs – did you know that we’re recommended to drink at least eight cups of water daily? While water in Singapore is generally safe to drink straight from the tap, most families still boil tap water just to get rid of the remnants of bacteria and nasty chemical impurities – at least that's what happens in my home. With a water dispenser, you can easily get clean purified water at the touch of your fingertips.

Think it's time to retire the old trusty kettle? Here are the top 7 water dispensers in Singapore that will blend in seamlessly with your home aesthetics and quench all your thirst in a jiffy.

Wells The One is truly the one and only water dispenser you need in your life. This water dispenser sports a multi-award winning design, 3rd generation tankless technology and a slim frame of just 8.8cm in diameter — it will blend in seamlessly with any kitchen aesthetic, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing your precious countertop. Moreover, it comes in six different colours to match any kitchen setup and colour theme.

The water dispenser is equipped with Wells’ signature 9-step nanofiltration, an auto sterilise function and H+ Cartridges to ensure every drop of water is thoroughly filtered and purified, giving you the cleanest drinking water – because your body deserves the best!

To sweeten the deal, Wells’ The One is programmed with six hot and cold water temperature settings, giving you the perfect water for all your hydration needs — from making the perfectly brewed coffee or tea, to cooking your instant noodles, and even making baby formula milk. You’ll also get instant cold water to cool you down during the hottest days. Parents with young children can put their worries to rest as The One comes with a handy child safety lock protection to prevent your little ones from messing around with the water dispenser. Wells The One is truly the epitome of luxe and style. Time to invite your friends over for drinks (water) and flex your new kitchen toy. Visit Wells’ website to find out more about the Wells The One!

The Ruhens V Series sports a slim design that will fit right into your kitchen aesthetics. It comes in fresh colours like bubblegum pink, white, silver, and black to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. Dispensing up to five different temperatures with a touch of a button, you can have water of the perfect temperature for whatever you desire. You can control the amount of water you want dispensed – from 120ml, 550ml, and 1500ml.

To ensure that every glass of water poured is clean for you and your family, V Series comes with auto sterilisation that sterilises the nozzle every hour to remove any bacteria build up. The nozzle is also easily adjustable and removable which makes it easy for cleaning. There is also an indicator light that notifies you when the filter needs to be changed, while the Eco mode also helps you to save on your electricity bills.

The Cuckoo Titan boasts a ton of awesome features, packed into its slim frame. For starters, the Cuckoo Titan will bring you the perfect water temperature to bring out the natural goodness in your coffee and tea, as well as making your instant noodles. This water dispenser also kills up to 99.9% of germs, and even sterilises your fruits and vegetables as it is connected directly to your kitchen faucet.

The adjustable nozzle lets you adjust where you want it to be poured, and prevents spillage onto your counters. But that's not all that you can adjust. You can adjust the amount of water according to the size of your vessel – whether it's filling up your teacup or your water bottle. The Cuckoo Titan also lets you dispense water with your voice – and you can do so in English, Mandarin, and even Malay.

Happie's Joy Water Purifier is a slim and compact water dispenser that will make drinking eight glasses of water a breeze. The water dispenser sports a simple yet elegant design, with an intuitive LED display that displays information like time, dispensing volume, sterilisation setting and more. You can dispense your ideal hot and cold water temperatures with its six temperature controls. To enhance hygiene management, the appliance also has an auto sterilisation function which will sterilise the machine every seven days.Apart from adjusting the water temperature, you can also choose your desired amount to dispense — 100ml, 500ml, or continuous, which is pretty handy for filling up your water bottle or filling up a pot. The machine will help you save on your electricity bills with its auto standby mode which is activated whenever the machine is not in use.

Purehan's Super Cooling All In One water dispenser sports a slightly bulkier build than the others on this list but packs a ton of handy features. Firstly, the water dispenser uses Korean technology Multi-Cooling method to serve you a wide range of hot and cold water temperatures.

The All In One water dispenser uses a three-step hygiene care system that cleans all pathways where water passes through, killing up to 99.9% of germs. The faucet tip is easily replaceable, which keeps germ buildup to a minimum. The appliance also comes with a hidden tray which can be pulled out when filling up smaller cups and bottles, and tucked away for larger vessels — a pretty useful feature if you ask me.

If you’re looking for a water dispenser with a host of technological features to complement your smart home, the Raslok HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser might be one worth considering. The water dispenser has a host of in-built smart sensors that helps it to get its job done. This smart touch water dispenser is able to dispense a wide range of hot and cold water almost instantly — perfect for busy bees who are always on the go.

While the appliance works in a fast and efficient manner, it doesn't compromise on its quality and hygiene. It has an impressive five-stage water purification process as well as UV LED Self-Sterilisation to serve you only the cleanest drinking water. Get ready to have your thirst quenched within seconds with the Raslok HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser.

Say goodbye to boiling water over the stove or storing jugs of water in the fridge to have a constant supply of cold water. With the Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier, you’ll be served instant hot and cold water at the touch of your fingertips. You can even pre-set the water temperatures to whatever you desire so that you can have it on the go at any time. You can even control the amount of water you want to dispense.

Filtration-wise, the Sterra S uses a four-stage filtration system to remove harmful sediments like dust and rust to provide you with fresh and healthy water at every pour. The water dispenser also uses electrolysis sterilisation to ensure that the water pipes are kept clean without you having to do any manual maintenance. You’ll also get notified when your filter needs to be changed via the filter change indicator light.

Feeling thirsty? Grab a refreshing glass of water from one of these water dispensers!

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top 7 water dispensers in Singapore 1. Wells Wells The One multi-award winning design 3rd generation tankless technology slim frame 8.8cm in diameter Wells’ signature 9-step nanofiltration auto sterilise function H+ Cartridges six hot and cold water temperature settings child safety lock protection 2. Ruhens V Series Ruhens V Series five different temperatures 120ml 550ml 1500ml auto sterilisation adjustable removable indicator light Eco mode 3. Cuckoo Titan Cuckoo Titan 99.9% of germs adjustable nozzle dispense water with your voice English Mandarin Malay 4. Happie's Joy Water Purifier Happie's Joy Water Purifier slim and compact elegant design intuitive LED display time, dispensing volume sterilisation setting six temperature controls auto sterilisation function 100ml 500ml auto standby mode 5. Purehan Super Cooling All In One Purehan's Super Cooling All In One Multi-Cooling method three-step hygiene care system 99.9% hidden tray 6. Raslok HCM T1 Water Purifier and Dispenser Raslok HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser in-built smart sensors a wide range of hot and cold water five-stage water purification process UV LED Self-Sterilisation 7. Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier pre-set four-stage filtration system electrolysis sterilisation