Mar 11, 2023

This Smart IKEA Hack Uses a Wine Rack… In the Bathroom

If the rise of IKEA hack DIY tutorials has taught us anything, it's that the popular Swedish retailer's products can easily be repurposed into something totally new, saving shoppers money and livening up homes in the process.

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One recent example? A viral TikTok in which content creator Entela Hoxha (@organizzatriceseriale) shared how she created a full-service, aesthetically pleasing bathroom caddy using two IKEA products: the SNÖSPIRA 4-bottle wine rack (which retails for $9.99), and the TAVELÅN trays (which come in a two-pack and cost $12.99).

As Hoxha demonstrates in the video, once you’ve got the two products, creating the bathroom caddy is simple. First, Hoxha placed the smaller of the two TAVELÅN trays at the base of the wine rack, outfitting it with a decorative succulent. Next, she added some towels at the top of the rack in lieu of wine bottles.

Once that was finished, Hoxha pushed the rack against her bathroom vanity wall and placed the longer TAVELÅN tray in front of it. Then she added a diffuser and soap dispenser to the second tray, and voila! A good-looking, affordable caddy for just over $20.

"It's all so beautiful to create," Hoxha captioned her video, which has since received over 41,300 likes and 1.9 million views.

"Super idea," one TikToker commented.

Another commenter chimed in with another bathroom-related idea for the rack: "Do you think it could also become a spare [toilet] roll holder?"

Funnily enough, IKEA products have become so customizable that another TikToker recently pulled off the virtual opposite of Hoxha's DIY project, turning an IKEA KALLAX storage cube shelf into a makeshift wine bar. Honestly, the sky is the limit!