Jun 08, 2023

What dishwasher and fridge are right for my kitchen?

Kitchen appliances come in all shapes, sizes and price points. It can make the task of choosing the right ones for your space a major challenge. How many water jets are sufficient for a dishwasher? Are side-by-side fridges better than those with French doors? The experts have the answers.

According to The Spruce, dishwasher prices are primarily dictated by their capacities and special features. Other things to consider are if the dishwasher is made of plastic or stainless steel and the quality of the dishwasher's finish.

To quantify the performance of the dishwasher, find out how many washing levels it has and where the water jets are distributed for the wash cycle. But the first thing to consider before purchasing a dishwasher is size.

Dishwashers demand a significant amount of countertop space, and they need to be placed near your sink in order to be utilized practically. Make sure to measure your counterspace and the dishwashers in your price range before making a decision.

Secondly, consider that stainless steel dishwashers are almost always longer lasting and higher performing than plastic ones. Stainless steel withstands heat better than plastic. It dries faster and it uses less energy.

While many of the optional features available on modern dishwashers are superfluous, some features — such as child safety locks — may be invaluable depending on your circumstances.

Ultimately, the average dishwasher will range from $400 to $700. A top-end dishwasher, however, can go for as much as $2,000. Consider that it could cost an additional $150 to $200 for installation.

From herb cultivators to flash chillers, the modern fridge is chock full of handy features and unexpected amenities.

According to House Beautiful, kitchens are getting smarter and fridges are being offered in a larger variety than ever before. For those limited on kitchen space, consider purchasing an under-counter, drawer-style refrigerator.

These fridges fit snugly into your kitchen island or under your counter. This style of fridge is a no-nonsense option for those who primarily utilize fresh ingredients and don't require significant fridge space.

For those looking for something more advanced, consider a blast chiller fridge. Blast chillers are great for those who frequent farmer's markets and want a way to flash freeze their fresh foods. Herb cultivators are also featured on some fridges, allowing homeowners the ability to grow automatically watered microgreens right in their refrigerators.

For those looking for the best fridges on the market — and are willing to break the bank — the Samsung four-door flex built-in fridge comes at a $3,099 price point. For a wifi-enabled option, consider the $7,899 LG studio wifi-enabled side-by-side built-in refrigerator.

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